Explore Kenya On Holiday In The Masai Mara Safaris


For anyone willing to travel to Kenya's Serengeti National Park, a safari to the Mara River is a must. The safaris to the park's central areas cover the Great Rift Valley and its eastern side. In recent years, however, the migration into the central regions of the park has been limited to just a few hunters due to insecurity in the area. For those who wish to see the park's central parts, there are, however, a few Masai Mara safaris that still offer good value for money.
Cheap Masai Mara safaris cost anything from 300 USD per individual, per day to several thousand USD for a group tour. This Kenya Safari price depends entirely on two travellers travelling together on a fixed-abus basis in a designated safari vehicle. This is also the best season to visit the park, which is from October to March. This is also the best time to plan your trip; as there are fewer visitors to the park during this period. Also, there are more chances of spotting wild animals in the early spring than in the winter months.
Most Masai Mara safari provide accommodations at a camp site or lodge. Most travellers start their journey in the Rift Valley and journey to the park's central areas by foot or with a coach. Most campsites are located at high places allowing for good views of the surroundings. Most lodges are located near water including secluded lakes or ponds, private hiking trails, and swimming pools.
Most Masai Mara Safaris include a visit to the village of Amboseli-Rufiji, where the bulk of the Masai population lives. The Amboseli home is built on a lagoon surrounded by lush, green gardens. The lodges are packed with activities and they include access to a variety of Masai Mara wildlife areas and reserves where you can study the animals and get close to the animals, or engage in some exciting and adventurous activities such as diving, snorkelling, and horseback riding.
An all-inclusive safari package will include airfare to the Park's main area, transport to the National Park, and a hotel or lodge to stay during your stay. The Masai Mara is well-known for its wild animals and you may see elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes, rhinos, zebras and hippos among other wildlife in the park. A luxury all-inclusive safari package will allow you to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, while being pampered by experienced staff. Luxury packages include an on-site camp where you will have access to a gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and private shower and bath.
One of the most popular destination for wildlife holidays, Kenya is home to many popular destinations such as Lake Nakuru, the Serengeti, the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kilimanjaro. For those seeking family entertainment, Masai Mara is ideal as you can take your entire family along on your safari. Family safaris will allow everyone to spend time together, allowing for lots of bonding time and memorable encounters with wildlife and friendly locals. Other popular Kenya packages include mountain biking tours, white water rafting, bird watching, and mountain climbing, which can all be arranged with a reputable safari tour company. Get more details about vacations at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacation.
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